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Johnny Comes Marching…

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Sep-21-2005

In between adjudicating this and that a squabble, in between questioning, oh, did I ask who started it ? I attempt to prepare for Johnny’s home coming. The list is long, the demands of adjudication even longer.

I haven’t even gone through half of my wish list.

But tomorrow I shall put the brand new sheets ( read : that cheap ass duvet cover I made) on our bed, recheck the cupboards and fridge for suitable supplies ( read : the The Father’s must haves) and try and decide what to make for dinner on Friday.

I have done my best, although I do admit that I am a very, very self centered, rather self- cosseting sort of person.

But the men will cheer, the boys will shout, the ladies- they will all turn out..tomorrow.

I am such a weenie. I have missed him something fierce, and will be glad when my boy is home once more.

Isn’t that a just simple fact of life, as I know it ?

  1. Marleen Said,

    I think parents of teenagers should never be left to adjudicate without their partner. It’s just too hard to take on on your own.
    I missed hubby even when he was gone earlier in the mornings and came back later at night. So I can only sympathise with your plight.

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