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Let There Be Light

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Oct-20-2005

A peculiar alignment of personal traits, crowded agendas and high ceilings has led to a serious light- bulb problem here, in Casa Kitchen. A phobia acquired late in life ( after falling off of a ladder- twice- when painting a ceiling, and falling of of a 4 meter high cart while tending some plants) has left me one very tremulous cookie when faced with a ladder. After about 4 feet from the ground, I’m pushing it, baby, I’m pushing it.

In a way it is strange, for I know that it is a stupid phobia, I know what brought it on, I know that there is minimal danger. But…still, some primitive beast in me starts doing flip- flops when confronted with heights.

So, we live in this old house. The ceilings might be 3 meters, might be ten feet or more high, what do I know. Actually, here is what I know : we have the foundation for one of those light bulb jokes, you know, one of those that starts with How many Mummy Dearest’s does it take to change a light bulb ? .

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