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A Night On The Town

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Nov-12-2005


Today I began the shopping for Christmas. I do Christmas for 10 people. It is a lot of shopping- mostly for well thought out gifts which cost little and weigh much. Which I tote about until the bus comes to carry my weary butt back home again.

Today, I hit the jack pot : The Father picked me up in the City. I tossed my booty into the trunk of his car and collapsed into the front seat . My little toy, my little how far did you walk today meter told me that as of 1.30, I had walked almost seven miles. I love my little toy. Best buck that I ever spent.

Even though it was on a mere toy.

If I had plopped into that seat and said to The Father, why, I found the most dear little winter coat today and I just had to have it, he would have been mighty pleased. Now, he never asks me what I spend, but let’s just suppose for a moment that he had, let’s just imagine for a moment that I had said, oh, it cost 500 euro. He would not have blinked an eye.

That is how much he would like me to buy a dear little coat, or a sweet little top, or some smart pants.

Or perhaps he might have asked me and I would have replied that I spent, oh, 300 euro on clothes for the kids. He would not have blinked. I would not have had to say how much The Baby has grown lately.

It never crosses The Father’s mind to ask me what I spend, for he knows that I only buy The Needful Things.

That’s the way I am.

I still feel guilty about the buck the little how far did you walk today meter cost.

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