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Superstition On The Run

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Nov-8-2005

Having lived well and long ( see the previous post), I have noticed a very strong heebie- jeebie quota surrounding the death dates of members of one’s family. For example, my mother’s father died when she was 11. All through my eleventh year, I was very frightened that my father would die, in that rather life is like that manner that life has.

He did not.

I saw it again a few years ago, when The Father’s mother neared her 68th year. Her mother died when she was 68, and it really was fixated in The Father’s mother’s mind that she would die at 68 as well.

She did not.

I am blessed ( what else is new ?), for I don’t have an anchor weighing down my soul, telling me that I will die at the same age that my mother did. If I did believe that, or fear that- in that life is like that sort of way that life is like- I would have exactly 18 days left to live.

But I find the whole idea very far fetched ( yes, you can quote me on that). What fascinates me is the idea that I shall walk down the road longer than my mother ever did. Already I know that many of the blandishments passed out at the time of her death are not true.

But there you go : in 18 days ( God or something willing) I will go where my mother never went before. And they were wrong. I know that she was neither tired nor bored with life. Although for many years, those words gave me comfort.

For now I am her peer and can make a very good guess of what the truth was.

For her.

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