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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Nov-27-2005

I am changing over to a reseller hosting plan because- in the end- I believe that it will give me more flexibility and be cheaper.

Right now, I have stuff from work and personal cr*p spread over three or four hosting plans. Then I have my main domain which has become a rat’s nest of files. That’s it : perhaps I am just cleaning house here.

But tearing things apart and moving them takes time. I enjoy the fact that I can take my Google Killer off of some files, but am left using standard templates for everything.

I go through the files, checking the links, connecting photos to the right places.

Short and sweet ? It’s going to be a long time before I get around to…what the f*ck is the correct phrase for it ?… you know, where I chew up a perfect bit of code, jump up and down on it, force it to break all of the rules and then say, why gosh, here is my new look.

As an aside, the colors here are about what I came up with for my first BlogSpot ….thing. Maybe I’ll dig out the blue windmill and stick it up for a while.

For old time’s sake.

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