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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Dec-15-2005

Mummy Dearest,

One of the nicest guys in the company is the cook.He looks like Mr. Jo, is always cheerful, and seems to keep himself busy all day

It doesn’t matter at what time I enter the grounds, he is always there. A quick look in his domain, and you would think he is a carpenter or a bricklayer, as these tools you see all over his kitchen.

Even a big saw is laying there.

Normally once or twice a day, when I go out for my cigarette break, I make conversation with him. This is very limited. I make a guess what he is cooking and he nods his head. This is confusing however, while the south-Indians are different from the rest. They nod their heads sideways when they mean yes. The rest of the world would interpreted this as no. However, experienced as I am, I can see through this.

Today he had a few chickens hanging on the wall, as he does most of his preparation outside. My logical question was, today chicken curry, as the curry smell was overwhelming. He nodded his head, and added some Tamil comments.

Then he took me to the very big pot on a roaring fire. Rice, he said. 10 kilo’s he was cooking, as today they had a vegetarian dinner.

I nodded my head.

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