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Jammer, He ?

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Dec-28-2005

Before I went out to do the shopping this morning, pick up some milk and bread, I prepared what I would say to my fellow townspeople : Nee, jammer, he ?

You see, The PostcodeKanjer ( The big zip code lottery) this year has landed upon our zip code. If I had bought a ticket for this lottery, my number would be my zip code : four numbers followed by two letters. Apparently, the first four letters were drawn the other day which means that anyone who has a ticket with those four numbers will divvy up an 8.8 million euro pot. The four numbers drawn were those of town and a few other small villages in our county.

On Sunday, the two letters will be drawn. This usually turns out to be one street, or small area. Anyone with all 6 numbers and letters will share an additional pot of 13.9 million euro.

As I bought the milk, I replied, Nee, jammer, he ? For we haven’t a ticket. But the girl who works at the bakery does and isn’t that too exciting for words ? Well, I’m excited for her, at least.

A bunch of dutch pop stars will be coming to town and I have promised to take the children to try and catch a glimpse of them, after all, we don’t have to worry about parking now, do we ? I’ll be the short, grey haired lady wearing a tomato red coat, three children in tow.

I hope that it falls in town.

Just not on our street !

  1. Marjan Said,

    Darn. Last night when watching the news I thought “Hey maybe in a few days I will know a someone who is a millionaire”. But the title of your entry was answer enough ;-)

    No not on your street, that would be awfull!

  2. sue Said,

    No, you just know poor little old me here !

    Please, though, pray that Henny Huisman doesn’t grab me by the back of the neck: en, so, how does it feel NOT to have a ticket ? Let him go trolling in the town next door- it’s bigger, after all !

    Now, root for Suzanne from the bakery : she just got married and does have a ticket !

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