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The Bed

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Dec-14-2005

They delivered the bed today.

I love this bed.

Here is the headboard :

Here is whatever you call the foot of the bed ( foot board ?):

And here is the best part of all :

The Baby’s new bed is a 19th century, French, brass and iron, 3/4 half tester ( in the second photo, you can see the curtain rod behind the foot board).

I think this is just a great bed for a little girl with delusions of princess-hood.

I’ll be talking with Mr.Jo about restoring it : having it sand blasted and powder painted.

Now to see if The Baby likes it….

  1. Mary Said,

    I’m with you – that’s a beautiful bed! Can’t wait to hear what Meggie thinks!

    (My thoughts and prayers are with your dear friends little one)

  2. Catherine Said,

    Ooh – hope she likes it! (It’s french, you know…)

  3. sue Said,

    Kathy surprised the pants off of everyone- she made it through the operation !

    Meggie loves the bed !

  4. sue Said,

    Catherine- before I bid on it, I had Han call to get it’s measurements. Well, he got some info( to see if it would fit up that staircase) , but not all.

    Those two posts are 2.40 m tall- Meg’s ceiling is 2.50 ! Just made it !

    I know, it’s french. They are simply everywhere, aren’t they ?

    It’s a bed you either love or hate ( not Han’s cup of tea at all)- and I just love it. Of course, I’ve seen it all put together.

    Meg kept asking where the box was, with the picture and the instructions- ha! like a box of legos!

  5. Karan Said,

    It’s very cool. I can just imagine Meg laying in it running her fingers over the detailing as she falls asleep.

    What color are you going to paint it and what is powder painting?

  6. sue Said,

    Hi Karan, just a white, or off white. Mostly, there is a pretty thick pile up of paint on it and I would like that off. From what I have read, it is a bake-it-on sort of paint. I have already found a place nearby which can do sand blasting and painting, just to beg Mr.Jo to go over there and convince them to do it for a reasonable price.

    I had thought that it was a half tester when I saw it, but they didn’t have the *curtain rod* part up : I thought that it was missing and Jo would have to make one for me. But it come on the truck, to my immense pleasure. Obviously, the little canopy bit hadn’t been used for ages : the brackets are stuck into the wrong slot and the rod hasn’t been painted white- it shows chips of an enamel green paint.

    But it will make a fine princess bed , with lots of white curtains draping about it !

    I couldn’t photograph it well, though : flash makes it too white, killing the flash slowed the shutter speed down to tremble.

    Pleased hog here !

  7. blackbird Said,

    It’s gorgeous!
    and french!
    I know!

  8. Edwinek Said,

    Woho! A real 3/4 half tester! I never knew a tester was a bed or that you could get a half one, or three quarters of a half one. A 3/8 tester as it were. I imagine Meggie could get lost in a bed like that, I’m sure she’ll love it.

  9. sue Said,

    Oh, Edwin ! It’s a twijfelaar- that is the 3/4 business, and it has a half of a canopy- that’s the half tester bit !

    Thanks for the laugh-

  10. Mary Said,

    Happy as I am to hear that Meggie loves her bed, I am more happy to hear that Kathy made it through the operation. Although I do not know this family, my tears of sadness are now smiles of optimism and I am wishing the best for all involved!

  11. sue Said,

    Thank you, Mary. It means the world to her mother to know that so many people are rooting for Kathy. Latest news is that she is still astonishing the Drs.

    I’m still waiting for America to wake up, to hear how she is doing now.

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