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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Jan-25-2006

It is cold here. The Father laughed at me yesterday when I said that it was darn cold. Ha, he said, I thought that you were from New England ! Well, ha right back, if I were in New England, L.L.Bean would be swathing my fat fanny in down and keeping me quite toasty indeed.

It is very cold here. Yesterday, the children and I wrapped my camellias in towels, beach towels. They look like a line of toddlers just out of a swimming pool. I had covered their roots with extra mulch and plastic, I don’t know why I decided to wrap them in towels as well. Can’t hurt, I suppose.

The Boy has to bike to the library this morning . In the cold and he dislikes biking and he dislikes cold weather. Then he has to bike back to school and give his oral presentation. This is not a good setting for his oral presentation.

This afternoon, The Boy, The Baby and I are going to a town about 5 miles away. By bus. If we make all of the right connections, it should take an hour. If we miss any, we will be three Popsicles. I tried to get a ride for us ( actually for The Boy), but everyone had other plans. This place is having an open house, showing off various music lessons that they offer and The Boy wants to take keyboard lessons.

We who about to freeze, salute you.

Wish us good bus connections.

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