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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Jan-10-2006

We moved into this house on Dec.15, 1989.

Today, two men from the curtain company ( who, by the way, thought that my college graduation photo in the toilet was just too funny for words- I confess, I was wondering why both of them had to tinkle so quickly after arriving here) darkened our door step and hung up a bunch of dark blue, can’t- see- through- these- suckers curtains in the front room.

Or are they drapes ?

Or better yet, what is the difference ?

We have had sheers hanging in the front room, well, since there was a front room ( finished about two weeks before The Boy was born, read : 1995 . also hit the footnote : I can’t take another day of Mr.Jo, The Father, not one more jack hammer. dated April 30, 1995). I knew that they were coming today, but I didn’t tell The Father. I was just dying to see how long it might take him to notice the things. He is remarkably unobservant. He still hasn’t noticed that I, for example, have changed in appearance at all since we met in 1980.

I kid you not.

Not really a bad trait, if you want my opinion.

I knew that he would be coming in through the front door, as he is taking off tonight to have his ( really, really) bowling ball re drilled in Tilburg. But try as I might, I had to close those curtains, had to see what life will be like when we actually have privacy in our front room.

It is very different. Not bad different, but a different which calls for another arrangement of furniture, another source of lighting.

It is like being in a tent from 1001 nights, I can go into the front room and no can see me, I see nothing but an expanse of dark blue.

We are some happy bunnies here.

Pleased as punch, in fact.

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