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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Jan-2-2006

The kids and I are beat, simply from the whole carnival that town was last week, all the impressions that need to be sorted out and stored. Town is so small and so quiet, this was all such a change.

My wish came true : the big prizes landed in Town, our town, not a neighboring village. The people who won are people we know, familiar faces at the stores . The newspaper headlines today shouted out that the millions landed on a filthy rich street. I think that was nasty. Comparatively speaking, it is not one of the richest parts of town. But I suppose they could have said that of any street in town, after all, our town is considered a European monument, it is filled with large old homes, artists and cobble stone streets.

The Father’s wish almost came true as well : when we each picked some one from town that we wanted to win, he picked a family from that street. At the time, I thought his choice to be very inspired and felt rather shallow for not thinking of that family first. Yes, their street won, but they didn’t have a ticket.

The Boy got to see Lange Frans, The Baby sang Laura along with Jan Smit.

As I mull over yesterday, odd things come to mind. For example, the crowd was encouraged to look festive, extremely stupid, bright orange caps were passed out, as well as garish shawls and key chains. And while the crowd ended up looking very orange indeed, very few people from Town had on a stupid orange hat. I didn’t . Even The Baby didn’t want to wear anything so foolish. At best, here and there, a few girls from town held a scarf between their out stretched hands and swayed from side to side as the music played.

But everyone sang along.

I look forward to going into town today, to buy some milk and bread in the sure knowledge that life will have returned to normal, no reporters pouncing upon me as I tote my booty home.

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