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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Jan-31-2006

We have a new pet, Shelly.

If you entered our kitchen right this minute, you would see a large Tupperware box standing on the counter,just in between the fish tank and the measuring beaker ( where I am storing the baby guppies until they grow out of snack- size) filled with water and a mussel. The Boy and The Babyrescued Shelly today as she floated on a chunk of ice in a nearby drainage ditch .

I have told them that Shelly is as dead as a door nail, but they insist they have seen one of her eyes, that she has simply wolfed down the fish food that they sprinkled over her Tupperware box. Why, Shelly has shown every sign of life except for dancing an impromptu soft shoe, there in her box.

I wonder how long we are going to have a dead mussel as a pet ?

  1. Karan Said,

    If they are like Rejjie, until she starts to smell too much.

  2. Karan Said,

    smelly shelly

  3. blackbird Said,

    I know a couple of little girls who have dead bugs as pets.

  4. sue Said,


    Double yuk, to both of you !

  5. lynn Said,

    oh dear.
    you have such sweet, eternally optimistic, kids.

  6. sue Said,

    Lynn, I am no longer totally convinced that Shelly is dead.

    And wonder, what does one feed a mussel ?

  7. jo Said,

    garlic and wine?

  8. Dorothy Said,

    Shelly’s not dead. She pining, taking a nap. Is there a perch you could nail her to?

  9. sue Said,

    Actually ( a *big* word in our house) I really do think Shelly was alive, and so this morning – because I don’t know what the f*ck to feed a mussel- Shelly was returned to the waters surrounding our town.

    At 8.15 this morning…

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