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The Mount

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Feb-6-2006

Knowing that today I would pass the baton over to dad this morning, give him the ok to arrange the plans for the road trip this summer, I lay in bed last night, thinking of what approach to use, how to avoid the scheduled visit to my alma mater.

Nothing wrong with my alma mater, but if one is sortof, kindof in that area, I have always thought that The Mount would be a far more interesting thing to see.

When I mentioned this part of the road trip to The Father, he said, well the town around alma mater might be interesting. No, it is not. That is why Daddy sent me there, to be safe and sound amidst the cows dotting pastures and funky joints like The Bagel Deli.

So I’m drifting along, snuggled in bed, wondering what would make The Mount appeal to Daddy. Edith liked Ernie fine, in fact, I do believe that he once sat at her feet, or perhaps drank a cuppa with her, although neither are British, both so intensely American, just like James.

And as I plotted and planned, my mind became less connected with my body- I was falling asleep- and I thought of all those stories that one reads about Fitzgerald meeting Wharton.

And it struck me, as my mind was finally freed from the contours of my pillow, the placing of my blankets, the burden of comfort that my body demanded, that Gatsby was a book Edith could have appreciated, for Gatsby is about just how the rich are different, as she so carefully told us.

  1. blackbird Said,

    The Mount is gorgeous. You should go.
    There are many many beautiful things to do in that area…

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