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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Feb-16-2006

This week became immensely easier to handle when The Babys forehead returned to normal temps last night and she went off to school this morning, leaving only The Boy – an oddly pale The Boy, with patches of flush upon his face and looking suddenly very thin- at home.

At dinner, The Boy commented upon how many things I do during the day, when I am not bogged down with my job as head referee. He had a day behind the scenes, seeing the laundry being washed and folded, the beds made up, shopping done, meals prepared, copies of a movie made for Opa , me ironing up a mess of pieced work and on and on.

We watched the skating together, very exciting.

It was nice, though, to have someone comment upon the things that I do, not that I feel unappreciated. More, I feel guilty when I indulge in my hobbies and distractions, instead of , oh, say, scrubbing the kitchen floor or mucking out the shed.

His few words, said at the dinner table, almost encourage me to buy a second hand microfilm scanner. They only run about 20 euro ( they are coming out of old East Germany) and Kentucky does sell copies of microfilm.

My family must love me very much indeed, for even my father, last night on the phone, encouraged me to continue to look for Robert.

And the perfect ending to a peaceful day after a a harried week, we spotted the first flower in our yard.

We all went out and admired the tiny white bloom, our promise of summer.

  1. Karan Said,

    What a nice gift from that little boy of yours!

  2. sue Said,

    Mike lacks his sister’s in-born, chick ability to manipulate things,to tot up tit- for- tat- points.

    Although he is not as guileless as he appears to be.

    However, he seems to have some aspects of being polite down pat . He often – when out for dinner- will insist upon sending his compliments to the chef. Being 10, don’t the staff just eat that up ?

    He lost 2 kilos this week, bone thin and pale, the lad.

    While he loves food, there is something wrong with his digestive system. I am hoping that soon he will let us do some testing.

    But I suppose that barium isn;’t really high on anyone’s list, now is it ?

  3. Catherine Said,

    Poor Mike – a big get well soon to the wee man.

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