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Mr. Alex

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Mar-16-2006

Yesterday, Mr. Alex came to The Boy’s class to give an art lesson. The Boy doesn’t like Mr. Alex, for The Bpy has noticed that Mr. Alex never says anything nice about his drawings. He finds a pleasant word for others, but not for The Boy. And The Boy is very pleased with his drawings. Very pleased indeed. Proud, even.

Of course, I knew why. The Boy’s interests in drawing lean towards animation and Mr. Alex is teaching, oh, shall we call it classical art, you know, perspective, shadows, the melding of colors. It was only after I had signed The Boy up for art classes with Peter that I realized that The Boy wasn’t looking for traditional art lessons. No, The Boy draws very symbolic things, every thing that he draws has a meaning. Why, when he made a drawing for Dad’s last birthday, he drew exactly 71 candles. The Tarot according to The Boy.

I suggested that he tell Mr. Peter that he was interested in animation. Which he did. And Peter gave The Boy a wonderful time, a great day. He didn’t tell The Boy that things should be different, that he should rub this out, alter that. Instead, during the class Peter asked The Boy what he was trying to show, to say and then he asked the magic question : he asked The Boy where he got his ideas from.

Thank you, Peter.

  1. Karan Said,

    Lucky Mike!!

  2. Cindy Said,

    I need to find a Peter for Chris. He’s the exact same as Mike. A wonderful artist, but only with what he likes. His art teacher just cannot see outside her box and appreciate him.

  3. sue Said,

    Cindy, we are probably going to send Meg there as well, for a large part because there is NOTHING except a playground in a bone- breaking location- for kids to do in this town. Diana, Peter’s fill- in- the- blank, told me that they were trying to change that and I say hooray!

    Right now, the class is about 7 boys, all close to Mike’s age and one girl, who is about 9. I think that if Meg goes, perhaps some other wee ones will follow.

    I hope that this works out, that Peter is a person that shows them how to draw without telling them what to draw.

    And Cindy- Mike STILL refuses to wear socks.

    And again, I never wear socks either: pot, kettle/

  4. Cindy Said,

    Sue, one of the “buzz phrases” that the principal at Chris’s charter school uses is “It’s not how smart is your child, but how is your child smart?” I love that: subtle, yet so significant. *Most* of the teachers get it. All except the art teacher. sigh….

  5. Stacy Said,

    Glad Peter is there.. Isn’t art/beauty supposed to be in the eye of the beholder? Isn’t the artist Charles M Schultz a tad more well know and celebrated than some of those TRUE artists??

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