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Red Letter Day

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Mar-25-2006

The Baby had her first riding lesson today. The children are always started off with a series of half hour long, private lessons until they are ready to join the group lessons. The Baby had just a wonderful day.

First off, all of The Girl’s horsey-girl friends simply oohed and ahhed over The Girl’s mini- me, her isn’t she cute ? sister, who looks remarkably like The Girl. And they all watched her first lesson, which The Baby simply gobbled up. The teacher was very kind to her and made funny comments to her about The Girl, and The Baby’s comments about how The Girl made her stand, sit, stand sit every morning on her Eeyore rocking horse had everyone laughing.

After her lesson, we had almost an hour wait for the bus, so The Girl and two other horsey girls took The Baby across the street, where they care for some Shetland ponies, and The Baby got to ride around on the fattest little pony that I have ever seen.

I was peeking at my watch the whole time that she was on Ebony- she looked so very tiny and at times I could see that she was trying very hard to be brave. I was glad when the lesson was over while she looks forward to lesson two.

  1. Karan Said,

    How very exciting for wee Meg and how very special that Sally is “mentoring” her so well!

  2. sue Said,

    I was chewing my nails through the whole lesson : her little legs barely passed the horse’s neck, in those stirrups.

    Ack, the third baby is simply doomed to be baby forever… you know, the girl, the boy, the baby…

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