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Winter Companions

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Mar-4-2006

We do The Big Shopping on Fridays. Here is what The Big Shopping is usually like : The Father drops me at one store, he goes to another, we stand behind our shopping carts and it is on your mark, get set, go.

We did The Big Shopping yesterday as well, but is was an atypical sort of The Big Shopping , for we went together, we actually ambled down the aisles, The Father laughing when after eight weeks of checking a certain row, they did indeed have my 1.13 euro red ware bowls once more, pleased as punch I brought them to our cart, saying in reply to his laughter, well, suppose I’m just easy to please and I am just pleased as punch with my little bowls.

As we drive from store to store, he fills me in on his project, the dying plant in Tirupur. A while ago, he mentioned that his partner was thinking of putting a windmill up on the company site, for the green energy. I guess that I have been around The Girl too much, for I just might have asked, well, why a windmill ? Why not go for solar energy in southern India, seems to me that, well, duh, the one thing that one can count on in southern India is the sun.

He asked his Indian partner about it, and apparently, solar energy is not a well known technology, not at least in that part of India, in our sector of business.

Perhaps windmills are cheaper, who knows, but we certainly shall soon.

I am flattered that he asks me my opinion upon all of these things, and is very insistent that I have and give an opinion. Today I didn’t, it would all depend upon the costs involved.

But it is something to watch, a man following a dream. Especially when his only motivation is to simply see if he can make an idea become a reality.

Me ? I just liked roaming up and down the aisles of the store with him.

There is no one I would rather be with.

And he even took me to the pet store today, to buy special oh- so- tasty flakes for my sucker fish.

A prince among men.

  1. eliz Said,

    Windmills are “the thing” here. They are popping up in yards. They are enabling people to get off the grid.

    You’d think solar power would be a big thing here. After all, I do live in the Sunshine State. Amazingly we do not get enough sunshine in the summer.

    All that rain.

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