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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Apr-23-2006

It was The Baby who broke the oath, told me that some one had broken into our yard, leaving everything upside down. A quick glance out of my window told me that the yard looked fine, my garden was still – in a rather relative way- pristine.

A closer examination, a few hours later, as I went to putter about- as is my want- after dinner, revealed a terrible ravage. The new phlox had been dug up and tossed aside, the Sweet William was crushed, the new flax stomped to the right, the trays of seedlings that I had put out yesterday flattened, one of my bushes cracked, daffodils smashed, yet to bloom bulbs crushed.

Some one did not lock the gate to the porch correctly and the dogs had been in my garden long enough to chew the wooden handle of a knife that I use to pull out weeds to a stub. The Father discovered the dogs in my garden, as I tried – in vain- to catch a nap, I am so very bone weary tired these days. He swore the children unto silence.

They all agreed, they did not want me to be sad, they told me.

Like I wouldn’t notice.

The concept of futility is a hard concept for a kid to understand.

And being the shallow person that I am, I didn’t take the children to walk the dogs this evening. I have a right, I told them, to be angry.

Although- truth be told- I don’t blame the dogs. I blame the person who was too lazy to double check the lock.

I have tied my cracked camellia bush together with a garbage tie.

Wish me luck.

I often wonder why I bother, but I do so enjoy going out into my tiny garden and, well, just seeing how things are doing.

  1. catherine Said,

    oh dear – wishing you and your camelia luck

  2. Snowhite Said,

    Try repairing the camellia bush with cellotape – it worked wonders for me! As for the dogs … well I could always send you some of my wild cockatoos! They leave their younglings in our garden and let me tell you when you’ve had a flock of younglings let loose nothing is the same again! They’ve nipped off all the rose heads, pinched all my cherry tomatoes, stipped two trees of leaves, pulled all the plants out of my hanging baskets and ripped our timber window sills to shreds! No matter what I do, banging on the window, running outside and screaming at them (ah now that is a release!) they just look at me as if I’m totally mad. And the worse of it is, the King parrots have also started to leave their young in our garden and let me tell you seven young King Parrots can certainly get up to even more mischief …


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