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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Apr-4-2006

This morning, I had to walk over to the next village to have some blood tests taken. Now, because I have walked to this village about 2000 times, taking a much wee-er Baby back and forth to nursery school, I happen to know for a fact that the quality of light on this walk, at that precise time of day is very often to die for.

So I took my little camera with me. I ended up having a very nice time, took about 30 photos, maybe more. Look :


Duck again !

A tree that I have loved for years.

And another one that I am fond of.

Yes, I still seem to be partial to the color green.

And was very amused.

  1. Ann Said,

    Sue…. the photo’s are fabulous. I especially like the composition of the 2nd tree…. capturing new life on top of old….

  2. Edwinek Said,

    I love that first duck, great photo!

  3. Edwinek Said,

    I love that first duck, great photo!

  4. Edwinek Said,

    I love that first duck, great photo!

  5. Edwinek Said,

    I love that first duck, great photo!

  6. Edwinek Said,

    Er… What happened? I said that only once! Your comment thingy must really love me.

  7. Catherine Said,

    blood tests? ouch, poor you, and hope all is well.

  8. sue Said,

    Catherine, seems that there is this *genetic* thing in the family, abnormally high cholesterol stuff and Vincent ( GP)wanted to check it out.

    I managed to put this off for almost exactly one month, after all, I have to walk there, rain, sleet and snow do get in the way.

    Not a mail person here, dontcha know…

  9. lynn Said,

    edwin seems to like your duck photos, sue. :-)
    so do i!

  10. sue Said,

    Lynn, you and Edwin have always been too kind to me, re: photos.

    A while back, when I had to up my allergy pills, I developed a tremor in my hands which made taking pictures…well…futile. But I enjoyed playing with the camera once more very much indeed.

    How do you develop those big negatives ? At home ? Han had a darkroom once- very neat it was.

  11. lynn Said,

    at home? in my dreams, sue.
    i throw the rolls into the little bags at “‘s lands grootste kruidenier” and write “dank u wel!” on the envelope. they haven’t protested yet, and i am happy, since lab-processing of 120 film costs a fortune, and this is do-able.
    and then i scan the prints.

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