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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Apr-7-2006

This afternoon, when The Boy came home from school, I- as I always do- asked him how his day had gone. He had a wonderful afternoon, he told me. I didn’t push for the scientific details, but at a certain point this afternoon, his present teacher (oh, does The Boy like her) and his teacher from last year, Ms.A, were both in the classroom.

And they had to answer this question : who did they think were the nicest boy and the nicest girl in this class. The Boy wasn’t too surprised when this year’s teacher nominated him for the nicest boy award, but it shocked his socks off ( yes, he wore socks today) when his teacher from last year named him as well.

It also surprised the other children in his class.

Didn’t surprise me, for adults do tend to like The Boy. He is polite and can make both courteous and emphatic small talk with adults, a trait which he does not get from me.

In fact, just today, he told Ms.A how sorry he was to hear that she and Ms.B were divorcing, that it must be a difficult time for her.

The Boy, of course, had been part of the wedding party last year, although he did not have a very nice time.

And I begin to melt a bit in my attitude towards the school down the street, the attitude which finally hardened when that same teacher of last year suggested to me that The Boy see a shrink.

The Boy feels all warm and fuzzy inside, and I thank these two women.

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