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To Save

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Apr-23-2006

Odd News :

After the fire at Peter and Diana’s a few weeks ago ( they are our across – the- street- neighbors and when they rang our bell for help, our Casa was – of course- their Casa), another neighbor of ours chit- chatted with us as the fire trucks zoomed by. We should get to know one another, she suggested, for we have been neighbors since 1989. She invited us to come to her home one evening, and last night, we did.

How her house reminded me of Cecile’s ! It is beautiful, everything perfect, lovely and comfy . She was simply the hostess with the mostest, putting such a fine spread before us that I ate simply to be polite. And ate some more, simply to be polite. I even ate some pate ( meow), because she had made a Cumberland sauce with her own hands.

We had a lovely time, although we were there much longer than we had expected, the children ( read : Girl) were asleep when we stood on our stoop, key less. I took Father around the house and showed him where to jump the wall.

I tend to mull over conversations, always curious as to why people chose the topics that they do, why they say the things that they do. Last night made me realize that I- in general- have a very sheltered life: I see family and socialize with friends that we have had for twenty years and more, although there are those exceptions which do prove the rule . I realize that I don’t know how to make polite small talk- perhaps I never did- for I am surrounded by people who have known me…forever.

As I mulled, I wondered why she kept saying how bright Girl looked ( Pienter, the i and e in some sort of order which escapes me.) This was in response to her asking what school Girl is going to. After hearing how bright Girl looked a number of times, I – having entrenched myself in sweetness and light- simply said that while, of course, her education was important to us, for me, in the end, her happiness meant the most.

Red Flag : She said to Father, of course, you vote XYZ. Which he does, we both do, she guessed correctly.

Red Flag : she thought that I might be a vegetarian ( I was, for a long time, but one does wonder: what qualities make one look like a vegetarian? )

Red Flag : She said to Father, of course , you are an atheist. Of course, Father is not. I am. Father slid by that comment very adeptly, but then, he is a salesman, isn’t he ? Sand to a Saudi, ice to an Eskimo.

I find it very, very interesting to mull these things over, which most likely means that I should start a course in throwing pottery or casting chicken bones

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