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Poor Little Me

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Aug-9-2006

My Henny- Penny reaction to the various stresses of the past few months has led to a few kilos packing their bags and blowing this joint.

This is a bit of a plus point, as tomorrow Rock arrives for a visit.

The down side of losing weight at my age is this : most of the weight seems to have left from my wrists, rather than from some more, oh, could – be- alluring parts of my body.

Yup, I feel like the kid who stuck out a chicken bone to the old witch, when she wanted to see if he had fattened up any.

Dainty wrists, high one every woman’s list of must haves.

  1. Catherine Said,

    These days, if I lose weight it comes off my chest, and if I put it back on it goes on my tummy. Lovely.

    Jeff arrives tomorrow – hope you have a great time.

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