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The Gentle Art…

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Sep-3-2006

Of course, he is still grousing about keeping his comic books in my little room of my own.

  1. Karan Said,

    So is he happy with his red Ferrari?

  2. Catherine Said,

    And – will you let him, or will you stand firm?

  3. sue Said,

    Karan, he hasn’t said one word about it being on our dressing table. I do believe that the point was made : I certainly didn’t put it up in a high, closed cupboard in my little room, now did I ? It was hardly on display there, now, was it ?

  4. sue Said,

    Catherine- he has no idea how much of his stuff is moving downstairs.

    Actually, there is a lot of storage space in those bookcases there ( in the front room). Why, I emptied one whole drawer just yesterday : it contained three old car radios and his beret from his *forced* time in the army.

    He-he-he : those bookcases are going to become his little room of his own.

    He just doesn’t know it yet !

    Keeps me stinkin’ busy though….

  5. Catherine Said,

    Heh! I love decluttering – especially other people’s clutter.

  6. JoAnne Said,

    on a completely unrelated topic – love the tile in the upper left corner!

  7. sue Said,

    JoAnne, it is a tile over the kitchen sunk.

    Just loved that pig !

  8. Dorothy Said,

    I too, love the pig tile! It looks so happy & cheerful. Good luck de-cluttering. I need to do that & yet, here I sit playing.

  9. Karan Said,

    How many watches does Han actually own…one for each time zone?

  10. sue Said,

    Uh, he travels to Asia a lot ?

    They give him a watch every time that he buys a new car ?

    And I saved up for two f**king years to buy him the Cartier, stuffing money each week in an old Skippy peanut butter jar.

  11. Karan Said,

    That’s cool. Leonard has a few too, but I doubt he knows where more than two of them are at any one time. Cartier….very nice and much more practical than a Ferrari.

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