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Avarice, II

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Oct-17-2006

And just what does the couch and my little room of my own just have to have?


ANTIQUE Large Victorian Paisley Shawl w Fringe, Label

Superb design, beautiful colors and excellent condition. This big paisley shawl has it all.

The shawl has a large black center field and intricate boteh decorations at the ends and around the edges.

Victorian and woven in England. Finely machine loomed from wool yarns. Colors of teal, yellow, olive green, black, gold, blue, cream, brick red. The fringe is olive green.

Large size and measures about 5′ 2″ wide x 11′ 3″ long (including 2 1/2″ fringe at either end).

Sewn into one corner is a small label printed in ink with 24.458 over 2029 noir.

Very clean. The shawl came from a former ambassadors home and was stored in a closet.

I know. There are small children starving across the face of this planet….

  1. Catherine Said,

    Oh my! And from the closet of a former ambassador too!

  2. JoAnne Said,

    I just FEEL how silky that wool must be…

  3. sue Said,

    Guess that I won’t be voting labor soon, will I ?

  4. sue Said,

    JoAnne, I am simply indulging myself after those last few months of h*ll.

    But one day, when *my little room of my own* stops being the war room for moving rubbish out of the house, I think that it will look very nice.

    Damn thing better….

  5. JoAnne Said,

    No matter how much we do or give to others, there will ALWAYS be someone in the world who needs help. To feel guilty for indulging yourself occasionally, or for having been mostly lucky in the lottery that life generally is – that’s crazy-making stuff if you let it be!

  6. Steph Said,

    oh my gosh, that is beautiful!

    I’m pea green.

  7. sue Said,


    and I want one of your chickens ! Good to see you back -

  8. Karan Said,

    Does it smell like cedar or mothballs or old ladies?

  9. sue Said,

    Karan, haven’t a clue, although it will smell like stale tobacco and fish tanks.

    I’m up to Feb. 2004 !

  10. Karan Said,


  11. JoAnne Said,

    Where ARE you? Hope everything is ok.

  12. Steph Said,

    heh!! I have plenty, I think you’d like one of our little Ameraucanas, they lay blue or green eggs and have such personalities. I’m still devestated over losing our little chipmunk marking-ed one.

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