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I Can Dream….

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Dec-24-2006

Having backed up everything a few moments ago, I can now say, yes, The Kitchen is back. Actually, once the heart and the moon appeared, I had completed the task but found myself very superstitious about making any announcement.

Wonder why, perhaps because someone keeps trying to find my password.

In one hour and 15 minutes, our Christmas to do begins. I spent the morning chopping, slicing, dicing and mixing ( much to my surprise, for I thought that I had most things already done, was well prepared for today, and tomorrow , when the whole family comes here for diner).

When my Kitchen was so rudely interrupted last summer, I had just returned from one of those boy things, a two week road trip with my father, The Boy and The Baby. I had many tales to tell, I took many photos. I have had no chance to tell any of the tales, nor even look at the photos.

My Christmas wish is that I have time to do those things, right down to The Boy and I standing on the edge of the Ohio river, looking across to West Virginia and recalling the story of Roots.

And to look at my photos, for I found Westley’s grave. In a plot bought by Robert Kerlin’s son, Henry.

Good wishes to all this holiday season.

I am glad to be back.

  1. Karan Said,

    Hooray and thanks for sticking it out!

  2. dutchie Said,

    Vrolijk Kerstfeest Sue!

  3. sue Said,

    Same to you, kiddo.

    Although I am beat, beat, beat !

  4. Julie Said,

    I always loved that moon… thanks for bringing
    it back! Hope everyone had great holidays!!

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