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CITO, Again

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Mar-5-2007

The papers are filled with the news : this week, the children in group 8 ( read : The Boy) will receive the results of their Cito Tests. As an aside, since The Boy’s class took the Cito, they have been goofing off, which seems to me to be a fine waste of a number of months of school…

So, the papers are saying, well, yes, the kids took this exam, but actually, their next school judges the advice of their present school with far more weight. After all, the teachers have followed the students for 8 years.

The Boy’s teacher last year predicted that he would go on to Gymnasium. His teacher this year – her first year at the school- has recommended VMBO ( read : let’s make ashtrays!). The Father spoke to the director of the school and he agreed upon HAVO, ( holding The Boy back a year ) because The Boy was younger than his classmates ( male, and most having repeated a year).

Having seen what the Dutch school system has done to The Girl, I am very concerned. I also resent the many years that I have had to listen to how bad the American school system is.

Now I can be the voice of experience and say that the education that The Girl is getting- is worthless. Now that we know just how things are, we don’t want The Boy swallowed up in the negative aspects of the Dutch educational system.

Hey, I am 11.

Hold me back because I never flunked a year.

Predict my future.

  1. Catherine Said,

    Really sorry things are so bad at Sally’s school. When do you hear where Mike will go, or is it already confirmed?

    It’s ‘secondary transfer’ time here too – lots of anguish, which will be mine in a few years time as the local state school is lousy. The Dutch system was mentioned by some pundit or other on the radio as a good example of parental choice…I raised my eyebrows, in honour of you.

  2. sue Said,

    Well, in theory it is already arranged ( after the fiasco around his first day of the test, we can basically ignore his scores if we want)but we are waiting to see what his score is.

    As for Sally, well, Han is already looking into options to set her up in business ( hey, need a saddle ?) once she leaves this school. That is how bad her education is as this point.

  3. Karan Said,

    You know I feel your pain. I am convinced that if you exclude the taxes you pay, you get what you pay for in public school. My biggest regret is that I didn’t plop my into private schools where at least my voice would have had the power of my wallet behind it. I deeply regret my strong belief and support of public education.

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