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Spring Fever, Spring Vacation

Posted by Mummy Dearest on May-5-2007

Just ( and I mean just ) back from a family trip with Dad to Tunisia. Up since a little before 2am and it is now 6.30 pm. Long day.

Before that, I suppose that I was dumping my frustrations out on being all domestic : The Baby now has a nice set of lace curtains and those draped sortof over- sheers ( shoot me. I’m stupid). The Girl has the lace curtains now as well and I am in the middle of making the drapes for The Baby’s ( what is that stinkin’ kind of bed called ? A half tester ? A half canopy bed ?) old, white cast iron bed.

I have brushed the dogs faithfully once a week, tended the garden ( amazing what a week away will do- my roses are beginning to bloom, the camilia’s have those crunchy bugs that look like rolly- pollies and- alas and alack- Mr. Jo did not come with his son to finish the porch and take the vitrinekast ( someone give me the English word for that) up to The Girl’s room.

Yes. Very domestic.

And feeling the need to protect the children’s privacy.

Many of the school problems have been resolved.

More later.


Best part of the trip for the kids ? Seeing Grandpaw- of course- and they all got henna tattoos.

The Boy has not bathed in 4 days. He has me he will before Monday. He even bought a tank top to show off his tattoo.

And oh do guess what he had written on his upper arm ?

Yup, Elvis, second line his birth and death dates.

Next year Dad wants to go to Alexandria, you know, sun, fun and the pyramids.

Big hugs at the airport, with his rather cryptic comment that if we could arrange it ( three kids in three different schools ) he would be there even if he had to come in a box.

On to the next trip.

Anyone know how long it takes to fly from NYC to Las Vegas ?

( He is always on our minds, he is always on our minds…)

( and I am not going to walk three feet away and find the proper spelling for my beloved bushes.)

  1. Ann Said,

    Glad you’re back! alabama ann

  2. Karan Said,

    Welcome back! Your dad is a real adventurer isn’t he? I don’t know how long to fly from NYC to LV…maybe three and half hours…but from LV to Seattle, only two!

  3. Mary Said,

    I was wondering where you’ve been! Glad things are in good order for you.

    NY – Vegas would be ~8 hours, with one stop over. If you can find a direct flight (I don’t think that’s easy if possible) maybe 6 1/2.

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