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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Jun-19-2008

The Father floated back home again today at about 2- a few hours before I expected him, days later then planned.

Mr.Jo is fixing the wood rot, The Boy’s bike is repaired, the horse is not going to die ( wonder where The Girl gets her rather melodramatic flair ? ), the gift for The Baby’s boyfriend’s birthday party arrived just in the nick of time, the bus strike is over and despite having to do a last moment triage yesterday of important things to do ( which saw the trip to the big grocery store fly out of the window), we have enough toilet paper to last for a day or two more.

After two weeks in India, we had a very Dutch dinner this evening and shall all loll about, eating sausage rolls of various sorts ( who really needs toilet paper ? One can fake that, but not a tasty family snack on the first night home) as we watch football.

Here at Casa Kitchen we shall be rooting for Portugal.

Yes, the long, long days of being a single mother ( without a car) are over.

Thank God it is Thursday.

  1. Catherine Said,

    Hooray – and congratulations, you survived! It was a good game last night – sorry you didn’t get the result you wanted. We’ll be thinking orange tomorrow – the Dutch team look great (and if your boys could see their way to protecting Robin van Persie from picking up yet another injury, we would be very very grateful)

  2. Mary Said,

    Being thankful for Thursday is awesome ’cause imagine what Friday’s going to bring! Glad things are going well at The Kitchen!

  3. Angel Said,

    Hey Lady!! Just wanted to say HI!! {{HUGS}}

  4. Dorothy Said,

    Hi Sue. Checking in to see how you are doing. Hope all is well & that you are having a nice summer.

  5. sue Said,

    Hi Dorothy- ( and all- Baby has been hogging my computer…) We leave for Italy tomorrow, hooray !

    I need to get away from it all !

  6. Catherine Said,

    have a fantastic time!

  7. sue Said,


    after being away from Italy for so long, I plan to make an utter HOG of myself ! Hope you have a good summer as well…

  8. Catherine Said,

    buon appetito!

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