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And In The End, The Love You…

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Aug-26-2008

We just had a really, really Walton dinner. As The Father was working this evening, we had a dinner that the cherubs and I love and – apparently- so do Penny and Kevin. The Father loathes it, which is why, well duh, we had it tonight.

It most likely has about four pounds of vegetables in it.

It is some recipe that I found in the newspaper, some Indonesian dish. It consists of a mound of blanched bean sprouts and paksoi, covered with blanched green beans and blanched carrots, surrounded by tiny cubes of cucumber and strips of fresh red bell pepper. So, you put a scoop of these ice cold veggies on your plate, then you sprinkle , oh, shrimp chips all over it, cover it with a hot sate sauce ( peanut sauce) and then sprinkle crunchy fried onions all over it.

Boy, that went down well.

But the best part was, after everyone was full, we just kept picking over the leftover veggies and bullshitting. You know, comparing all of the Disney places to our local amusement park ( here, Baby, have some more bell pepper strips..), talking about what Kevin does, me telling the teenage girls that we have to get things all arranged for their new school. Just blah blah in a nice way, even The Boy enjoyed hanging over the food and just…chatting.

I suppose that The Girl told Penny and Kevin that they have to tell me ..oh, lies… when they want to go out at night. They were looking terribly…cool…this evening. I might even have remarked upon their suave demeanor. But oh, they were going to look at a house, they told me. They have an expression in Dutch which I do believe is impossible to translate ( feel free to stick your fingers up in the air now..). My feeling about it is that it means something like, go ahead, try to fool a cat.

No one has to lie to me. Why on earth would I deny them some fun?

I am simply the cook.

What a dreadful woman I am They did indeed go and visit a house. It sounds very , very nice for a first house ( read : cheap and spacious). We spent about an hour or so just talking about the house. Me and 4 teenagers.

The Boy, just barely a teenager, also enjoyed it very much, although he had to leave his standard role as The Girl’s nemesis far far behind.

The Boy is bone tired. I made him eat extra food this evening simply to pump some calories into his frail frame, drink a lot of fluids.

And it is only Tuesday…

  1. Mary Said,

    Yay, Sue! Glad you’ve had a much deserved happy night!

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