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Four Years Ago…

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Aug-24-2008


The Father left a few hours ago for India. I made the children breakfast and sat down for my coffee and morning paper.

The first section of the paper is always national and international news, the second section local news.

Want to guess what was on the front page- towards the bottom- of the second section ?

Yep, my Kerry poster.

So, after Mr. Obama has taken a cooties age to pick a running mate ( quick, five bucks, name that guy…) I am trying to get some posters sent here.

Receiving a form mail response telling me how very, very busy they are does not raise my hopes.

On a lighter note, please share this moment from long, long ago, which I just adore :

I had nothing to do with this -

The Baby’s birthday presents meet Papa’s Christmas present:

  1. Mary Said,

    I hate politics so will only say that it is a scary time here right now.

    The Baby – just precious!

  2. sue Said,


    I am HIlary’s biggest fan. Have been since that boy with the plastic hair was in office. I must confess, I’m having a very, very hard time not being able to vote for her.

    Truth be told, I would really make a big effort for her.

    I liked Obama fine before he attempted to become a RFK clone. But I simply must vote Dem. Do I have to re- register for an absentee ballot ? I dunno.

    And the posters…

    No, we abroad really do not count for anything. In fact, I have heard that they don’t even count our ballots….

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