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At Last….

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Nov-6-2008

My computer died a few weeks ago, and I am now working on The Father’s dino of a lap top.

Today, I managed to get a password that would enable me to post here. Uh, everyone will note that I most likely do not have spelll check and will often cringe in horror. Imagine that, I went to Smith and still cannot spell for sh*t.

It seems that there might be two urls for this site. Here is the correct one:

There has been so much that I have wanted to post, but was unable to.

I suppose that Obama is the biggest news.

As we did not go to America last Summer, I was unable to buy those little comfy posters that I had for Kerry, but had to pay 70 $ for a poster to hang in our window.

Oh well, the euro/ $ rate did not make that really too expensive. It is one of those posters made by some *artist*. I saved the tube that it came in, as if all went well, I supposed it might some day become a collectors item, having collected posters for many years.

The people that I meet in town had all seen the poster and knew that I had voted for him ( although, voting from Mass. one always knows that the Democrats will win and that there is always the question of whether or not absentee ballots are actually *counted*)

The people that I have spoken to in town have congradulated me and expressed their pleasure at his win.

Oddly enough, I usually listen to BBC1 as I do my domestic chores. The whole focus was on the fact that he is black. Actually, I favored Clinton, but mostly, I wanted a Democrat in office.

Perhaps it is because of the way I was raised, an Army brat. For me, Americans can have blue eyes, brown hair, have freckles or have brown skin- everyone is diferent, so what.

And once I started working, as a contract Archaeologist, in Boston,( Roxbury, much to my Dad’s horror) I learned that assh*les come in every color.

Much more, like I am being * fired * from my job at the company, The Girl going on *The Pill*, and that a 14 month red tape delay from India is going to leave us having to watch every penny for the next 6 months…uh, Christmas , which we host for The Father’s whole family.

So, what are they going to name the puppy ?

  1. Dorothy Said,

    Did I note a puppy reference? Did you get a Pyr pup? Love to see pics.

  2. Mummy Dearest Said,

    Nope, no puppy for us this year. Both bitches failed to retain their puppies.

    And to be frank, right now, it would not be a good time for us to get another dog.

    Eh, long story, perhaps to be told later, perhaps not.

  3. Mary Said,

    Very exciting time in America right now. As I posted on my blog, “Its nice to be loved again!” ;-)

    I’m not sure where I’ve been all this time – I knew you were from the States, but how did I miss that you were actually from the Boston area???

  4. Catherine Said,

    Great to see you back. How about chicken soup for the Christmas do – you can prepare it waaaaay in advance…

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