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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Sep-8-2009

Opa called me this afternoon. The point of the call was to see if I had made copies of his brother’s CD’s. Nope, get right on that, I said.

So much has changed. Of course I know that change is inevitable and a good thing, but that is rather the intellectual take on life, isn’t it ? Sometimes actually living through changes is quite another matter.

And my take on The Company and The Family has changed over time. Three brothers, one Father, Catholic but not Italian. In a way, same difference.

It all started changing for me a few months ago, when The Boy and The Girl went to Italy to spend 4 days with one of The Brothers. Having been there before and being a rather savvy sort of person, I filled their backpacks with pounds and pounds of snacks. Still, The Boy lost 4 kilos and The Girl 3. In 4 days. The family that they were staying with were dieting. You know, when the bone thin spawn of one’s loins looses a dramatic amount of weight while visiting relatives for a very short time period, bells do indeed start flashing. The Earth Mother inside one’s soul becomes a bit tetchy. In fact, The Earth Mother cannot but help think about the oodles of money poured out for this very same family each and every Christmas on food alone.

My babies lost weight !

They did not get enough food.

In Italy !

Once one starts on that path, well, nothing is the same again. Smallest point, the hamster we are babysitting. Home for 10 days, no effort has been made to pick up this poor rodent, this beloved family pet ( I am assured that scrapping up the hamster shit yesterday has nothing to do with this ) belonging to yet another Brother. We are all beginning to feel rather sorry for The Rodent, that no one misses the poor beast, why, we would bite too, we think…

During all of these years, when The Father has to go far, far away ( which seems to be his job, no other brother’s), we have both rested assured that should Casa Kitchen need any help, it is but a phone call away. But during the last few years, we have learned that this is not true.

A rather proud woman, I rarely call for help and when I do, it is for one of the children. A birthday party, a ride to somewhere that a bus does not go to. Once every year or so. It has been made very clear to me that I am intruding, that it is always inconvenient. I suppose that I am at the point where I would rather slit my throat now than pick up that old phone.

On and on and on. Life moves on , in cycles. It is time that we moved away from The Family, perhaps even The Company. I am tired of The Father working weekends while The Brothers play tennis with their children. Or perhaps envious, most likely. They all make the very same amount of moolah.

It is time that The Family became our family, The Father, The Mother and the three cherubs.

Yup, I’ll get right on those copies.

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