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Pardon Me ?

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Sep-9-2009

Some how, I blew a hole in my right eardrum. According to the specialist that I have seen ( twice now), the only way that this could have happened was if I had an ear infection. Oh, I say, but I wonder why I didn’t notice this infection, for I didn’t.

I recall when The Boy was small, just a wee bairn, and had a double ear infection…no, that doesn’t sound quite right… both of his ears were in such a bad state that eventually both of his eardrums ruptured. How he screamed, it was simply hideous . But I didn’t even notice my run in with the evil ear fairy. Nope. Not one bit.

I do not not keep track of things like this, but the general consensus seems to be that this happened about 6 months ago. So I bee bop by GP. Oh, wow, you have a hole in your eardrum ! Let’s wait two months and see what it does.

So I go back in two months and the hole is bigger. Oh, wow ! And I get a referral to a specialist.

I go there and he says, why, my dear, you don’t have a hole in your eardrum, you have an infection. The Father takes a peek as well, my source of information. Yup, infection.

So I take a course of antibiotics,for about two weeks. Go back to the specialist. He looks in my ear and says, my, you have a hole in your eardrum ( now, this might sound a bit crude- just a warning- so The Father peers into my ear. I ask him later, well, what did it look like, huh, huh ? A pussy, he said. Yup, that’s my boy…. ). And then the specialist says, come back in two months.

I suppose, no, I know that there are worse things in life than being almost totally deaf in one ear. No matter how careful I am, for at least three days after I wash my hair, I can hear squat out of my right ear. I have to look at people as they speak or else I miss everything. I can no longer hear the church bells ringing the hour nor can I hear the sounds of the children moving about the house in the wee hours of the morning.

I have stopped saying * pardon me* and simply roll my eyes about and flap my right hand around my ear.

Deep in my heart, I don’t believe that my eardrum can be fixed. I don’t believe that I shall ever hear the creaks and groans of our house once more. And deep down, I am horrified at the thought that I might have to get a hearing aid, simply to be kind to the people who share their lives with me.

  1. Karan Said,

    I’m sorry about your ears but I am glad you’re back to writing here. Really.

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