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Oma’s Cod Recipe

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Feb-17-2010

I really have to do this. This recipe is on a sliver of paper and our Pyr just LOVES slivers of paper. I had to root around the kitchen and finally found this, which we had for dinner yesterday.


+/ – 2 eetlepels olie
2 eetlepels ketjap manis
2 eetlepels suiker
1 eetlepel sambal manis
3 ons kabeljauw file
2 uienringen bruin gebakken, ketjap en suiker erover.
Strooien met sambal.
Kabeljauw erop leggen, even laten staan. Daan andere kant bakken.


Fish Recipe

+/- two tablespoons oil
2 tablespoons Ketjap Manis
2 tablespoons sugar
1 Tablespoon Sambal Manis
10 ounces cod filet
2 onions, sliced in rings

Brown the onion rings in the oil. Then sprinkle the Ketjap Manis and sugar over them. Sprinkle the Sambal Manis onto the onions.

Place the cod fillets on top and cook at a low heat. Then flip


The Girl is even a more finicky eater than I am . She often suggests that she will cook and I say, oh, great. This usually involves her setting up a menu, me hustling out and buying everything and then I prepare it. She usually wants three sorts of potatoes. Think : Brabant, Van Gogh, Potato Eaters. Or something from a Knorr packet, which really goes against my grain. But I do it, once in a while, love and all.

So she brings home this recipe from Oma. I’m like, ok, let’s please The Girl. The first time I made it, she admitted that she had never had it before. Yesterday was the second time.

Obviously, I pumped up the fish to a kilo, doubled or trebled the onions, doubled the sugar, the Ketjap and kept the sambal at a low key ( Baby doesn’t care for spicy foods).

It was… nice. The fish was great, the onions great. What the fudge to serve it with, in our Jack Sprat times 2.5 family ? I ended up with meergranen rice, a combo of white rice, wild rice and various grains ( Baby likes this best) and snow peas ( or are they snow pods ?), whatever, it is green and everyone likes them.

At times, it is tough being a picky eater. At heart , I am a vegetarian. I could live on legumes and cheese. BTDT, for years and years. But, I have children, and a partner who loathes almost every sort of cheese and all sorts of legumes excepting peas. And they have to be mushy peas.

Mushy peas. Why bother ?

Gross Dutch food story:

Long ago and far away, The Father , his family and I went to a place right over the river, Veen. Now this sortof diner is world famous in Brabant ( or was) for having the best smoked eels around.

We all settled down at this sortof picknick table, oilskin tablecloth and all- red and white, but not Brabants Bont. I ordered a schnitzel, a rather safe bet.

They all ordered the smoked eels and were all but rubbing their hands in anticipation.

The rather zaftig waitress- or perhaps the proprietress of the revenue- may have brought my schnitzel with ubiquitous fries first, I truly do not not recall.

And then, then moment supreme arrived : the smoked eels. Arranged on a very large platter were dozens of smoked eels, looking for all the world like 18 inch long snakes caught in a bad phase of rigour mortis. Truly, one could have smacked a disobedient dog over the head with one of those suckers.

I looked at my schnitzel.

Greedy hands grabbed an eel, and I witnessed the next step, was surrounded by the next step : one snaps off the eels head. Cree- ack !

And then, one rips the skin off.

I stopped looking. I assume that they filleted it next, but I was just , like, oh, is there some ketchup for the fries ?

I have tried smoked eels, fresh from a plastic packet. But I am not fond of smoked fish, and eels were far too oily for me.

Cree- ack !

  1. Mary Said,

    Gross, gross, gross! I couldn’t even imagine eating the likes of muscles and sorts. I’m supposed to sit there, rip this squiggly piece of slime FROM ITS HOME and eat it??? Ain’t happenin’.

  2. Mummy Dearest Said,

    Mary, my problem is that mussels are so terribly aesthetically unappealing. Won’t even go into oysters or * shudder* snails.

    But, but you must like fried clams ? All hidden and coated ?

  3. jo Said,

    I’m intriqued by using kecap manis (I know the term came from Indonesia – Dutch traders – became ketchup and all that, but is your version of kecap manis like a think, sweet soy sauce or is it more aking to a traditional American style ketchup)?

    Eels. I thought I hated them as i had only ever heard of the horrid British eels in jelly. But I have discovered that I adore eel Japanese or sushi style in a sort of lip smacking Asian style BBQ sauce smeared on it. LOVE IT.
    I wonder though whether I would like smoked eels.

  4. Mummy Dearest Said,

    Hi Jo, Ketjap Manis is a sweet soy sauce.

    We have smoked eel fillets at every holiday and as a special treat. Served at room temperature, it is a rather beige, fine structured bit of smoked… fish. Very thin, it is always gobbled up first. I have had it, but I am not a good judge as to whether or not it is tasty, for I don’t really like most smoked fish. With salmon and eels, I find that a little bit goes a long way.

    But when I can get hold of a bagel, the first thing that I want is cream cheese ( Mon Chou will do) scattered with threads of smoked salmon.

    Oddly enough, smoked salmon is almost a staple in our house. 4 out of 5 wins here, and I would rather the cherubs eat salmon than potato chips.

    Our butcher ( here he is quite famous for his pates throughout Europe and gives classes) makes just about the only smoked salmon that I like. But it costs a fortune !

  5. Mary Said,

    Oh, Mummy Dearest, you had to ask about fried clams, eh? Does my being from New England prompt that question??? LOL!

    My answer will likely disappoint because the few times I do order fried clams at all, I get this strange looks because I will only order the clam strips. The texture of those bellies is just not appealing to me. At all.

  6. Mummy Dearest Said,

    Eh, Mary, I have to agree. What I am thinking is that what I really want is a cream of potato soup with fish ( cod) in it.

    Those bellies , guh, I don’t think that The Girl and I could eat that .

    But cod sounds nice, doesn’t it ? Nice little chinks of spuds, chunks of a pure white fish, all nice and thick and creamy. Hey, that could work !

    Cracked pepper, crumbled crackers. Yes, I really don’t want the clams.

    OK, progress is being made.Just need to find a way to get a decent fish stock without me having to see that I am eating boiled eyeballs.

    There has to be a jar somewhere…

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