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A Rose By Any Other Name…

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Mar-28-2010

Baby was bored today. We are sitting across from the kitchen table , talking. I really like her name, but I had others in reserve.

I would have liked to have named her Delilah. But that is one of those names that one has to be able to carry off. She could have done it, who knew.

I also liked Daisy and Alice.

Not only does Baby want to be a vampire, she wants to change her name to Alice. Ali for short.

I am really taking this seriously. No, I don’t think that changing your name will make you more popular.

All three of the cherubs have English ( American..I’m not going to beat this horse) names. I always knew what I wanted to name a boy, should we ever have one, and The Father agreed in about 60 seconds. It is also an inside, family joke, but we live in The Netherlands, so no one gets it, so it does not matter. Our only son has about the same name as some P.I. from cheap detective novels that my mother loved.

The Father named the girls. This was a matter of trust. I spit them out and then asked, what is our baby’s name ? He did a fine job. The Girl is named after my mother and Baby after an Irish woman that The Father was very fond of. I have met her, I still send her Christmas cards, late, as usual. But I have always known that he loved her name.

I can live with this.

But the Dutch cannot pronounce the girl’s names correctly, they twist those vowels around.

Alice. Who would have thought that someone wanted to be named Alice ? Are we hitting the Johnny Depp factor here ?

  1. Jill Said,

    My parents named me Jill. 1976, in de deep south of Limburg.
    In 1980, they named my sister Ginny (pronounced as Guinea. Like guinea pig).

    My father also liked Deirde. I still can’t pronounce that without practicing it in my head first.

    Are we English? Nope. Limburgers to the bone (explains the guinea instead of Ginny). Eventually even my two grandmothers learned how to say my name LOL.

    I always wanted to be a Dagmar. No idea why, but I like my name fine now :)

  2. Mummy Dearest Said,

    I like Dagmar, it sounds so …Danish. So terribly royal. But you know what The Dutch would do with Dagmar, Daggy. You know, like, Good Day ! Daggy !

    I must have wanted some other name, perhaps my confirmation name : Jude. That is a hideous name, patron Saint of Lost causes. Not Judy, not Judith. but Jude, like in The Obscure. I suppose that I wanted an in your face name.

    Maybe Dirty Harry would have worked…..

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