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Time II

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Mar-11-2010

I know when I started questioning the concept of time. Once you start questioning time, you are lost. I know where I lived, I know what I was reading, if you twisted my arm behind my back, I most likely could tell what I was wearing. I simply have no idea how old I was, maybe 15, maybe 16. That’s the problem with not believing in time.

And time is a very important thing to believe in, for it gives structure to our lives, so that we know when we have to do things that have to be done, go to school ,go to work, make dinner.

I started questioning the concept of time when I became Kurt Vonnegut’s biggest fan. I was on some fool trip to Europe- believe it or not, sponsored by Reader’s Digest. My parents asked me to choose wisely, Grasshopper, the fancy private High School or a trip to Europe ? How could I know that I would end up living in Europe ? I chose the trip to Europe.

I had an utterly miserable time. I started smoking waiting for a train in Pisa. Nothing has changed about those time tables in Pisa.

The totally creepy thing about that miserable trip was that for years, I kept turning a corner and bumping into someone who had been on that trip. We are talking, you fill out a paper in Reader’s Digest and you are in Europe. And then, there is Henry at your dorm, there is Naomi, visiting her High School sweetie at James, Amherst. And J.J.,James as well, he went to that school in Maryland that two, not one, but two of our…supervisors ( we all knew what they were doing) were employed by. At. Shoot me, and put me out of my misery.

But in that way that people have, traveling together, we shared books. I cannot remember her name, I can see her before me now, she was really pretty. And she tossed over a Kurt book to me.

And I became Kurt’s biggest fan. I have even read Venus On The Half Shell, by Kilgore Trout. I have it, somewhere , read : never to be seen again.

It became very easy to buy me a gift, for I am very difficult to buy gifts for. Mummy would hustle down ( Up ? Across ?) to the The Coop when Kurt was signing books. I have a bunch of his signed books. Good gift, better than that lavender stuff Bucky would buy me.

I haven’t read a book of his for years and years. For some reason, I think that I do not want to loose that element that had such an effect upon me. You know, that sortof you can’t go home again idea. And I do not want to look it up. One was that book where they are always saying I love you, Anita, and then I love you , Paul. The names- most likely- are incorrect, but who cares ? And then that one with the guy named Billy, was he the one in Dresden ? The one who really had a hard time staying in the now ?

I am sharing a computer, my time is almost up. Time. Next is Plato, and I am not going to look up one thing, for who cares ? But Plato nailed that coffin shut for me, about time.

  1. Karan Said,

    I also have issues with time. I think that Europeans and those of us from European based cultures have it all wrong and for years, I’ve yanked people’s chains by arguing just that. I say, it’s wrong to use a linear measurement of time that instead, we should live on a circular measurement…and allow our sleep and life patterns to follow that. Most people look at me as if I’m arguing that gravity is a lie. I have nothing to back up my point of view…I only know that when I can, I avoid all references to it and sleep and live on a “clock” that suits me better which isn’t linear.

  2. Mummy Dearest Said,

    Oh thank you Karan. I have never told anyone about my problems with time. Ok, I have just splashed it up here. It is sortof like telling people that you have hemorrhoids, nobody cares and nobody want to hear about it.

    And the children have to believe that our concept of time is just a given, a fact of life.

    But you are right, time is not linear. How can time be linear ? We need time to be linear, but that does not make that true.

    I don’t even know what science has developed our concept of time. I simply cannot know everything. What logic or facts are behind 60 seconds in a minute and why do I fry brain cells thinking about things like this ?

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