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Waiting For Godot

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Mar-29-2010

Today, some Jehovah Witnesses were bopping around town and there are advantages to our doorbell not really working that well.

They left a flyer on our doormat. Jesus Saves.

The Boy found it and is going through his usual rigmarole : he wants to go to the meeting. Why ? He wants to have all his bases covered. I am saying, these people will be coming to our door for the next 40 years if you do. You are a Catholic, you have even been confirmed, Jesus will save you.

I know that he won’t go, but why does he like this sortof thing so much ?

I am reaching the point where I just say, oh, that is interesting. Do you know where Alice the Vampire is ?

Oh gosh, and The Girl. She went to the dentist today. How does one put this ? The dentist seemed to think that The Girl is too cute for her own good as well. I immediately asked her if she had that shirt on and if there was a female assistant in the room. No, yes.

I simply cannot think of a way to be obscure ( I have already been told that I need to go to sleep or else I will be cranky in the morning), but I certainly am not going to say * hard on*. Nope, nope, nope.

The Girl and I do agree that I take all three of them far too seriously and we nearly split a gut about her dental appointment.

  1. Catherine Said,

    “I have already been told that I need to go to sleep or else I will be cranky in the morning”

    Glad someone is looking after you!

  2. Mummy Dearest Said,

    In their own ways, they are being very kind, very helpful. Excepting Regan / Alice / Baby, however, she is keeping me on my toes.

    And I was not cranky this morning, but I was laughing so much last night with The Girl. No ! You are kidding ! We sounded just like a Valley Girl and a Valley Mother.

    And then we were trying to come up with the * obscure way* to talk about the dentist. It was so darn funny.

    I cannot believe that I can talk about things like this with The Girl. I must be very lonely indeed.

  3. Mary Said,

    I’m guessing that the Boy is simply curious, however, if he chooses to act upon that curiosity, I would suggest that he leave the wrong address!

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