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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Apr-19-2010

At about 7.30 this morning, I had a rather long conversation with the Baby about why I don’t like Google that much anymore. I am explaining why we do not use IE , why we have used Firefox since it was FireBird. I am explaining Ms Dos to a 10 year old : it’s black, and you have to know a lot to deal with it. Microsoft, I am telling this kid, found a shirt to put over Dos, which makes computers easier to use. But nobody really likes Microsoft, but I am too old to learn Linux.

I am really going far afield now.

So, I am there, in my little house on the prairie mode, saying, do you what a hacker is ? Yes, Mummy. Ok, most computer guys do not like IE, most of the viruses are targeted for holes in IE’s security . Are you following me? Yes, Mummy.

Ok. Google is great, but Google is getting too big. They bought Blogger. I think they own FaceBook, but I am not sure, and I am talking to a 10 year at 7.30 in the morning.

I am asking, do you know what privacy means ? Not Really. Ok. Google is tracking everything that we do. And the government in America wants to have access to this. This is not a problem for you, you are 10 years old. Gmail is great.

Point of the story : she wants Chrome. I say, this is fine, why did I waste my breathe, trying to explain this ? Just don’t put it on my computer.

Guess what is on my computer ?

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