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A Muscle Shirt

Posted by Mummy Dearest on May-30-2010

I have no idea if this is the correct term for this item of clothing, for, after all, my wardrobe is early Bag Lady. One day, I will get a shopping cart.

The Boy bought this T-Shirt. It is white. It has no sleeves. It has these about 2 inch straps instead. Now I am going to sound very wicked indeed. It looks like something that any Italian Stallion could get away with. Marlon Brando. But they have to be sweating, you get the idea.

The Boy really wants to be Italian. This is not within my power.

Now he suggests that we buy one for The Father. This is actually a fun idea. They can watch The Sopranos together in their.. uh.. matching muscle shirts.

Here is what I am really thinking : I will be seeing more armpit hair then since the last time East Germany had female shot putters.

  1. Brian Said,

    They call those t-shirts “wife beaters” around here.

  2. Mummy Dearest Said,

    This is really funny.

    Somewhere, Karan left me a note, mentioning that old film, * Breaking Away*. I used to love that film. But The Boy does not want to be from Tuscany and sing Puccini. He wants to be Sicilian. If you look at The Father’s Facebook page, you might get a clue as to why. I think that this is called * male bonding*.

    The Godfather II is the best one.

    No one here agrees with me, but what else is new .

    This is a good thing. Funny shirts are much better than Tony Montana.

    But The Boy does not know that they should be skin tight.

    This whole muscle shirt business is making me laugh non- stop. Imagine, a Father and Son putting on special shirts to watch *The Sopranos* together.

    I suppose it is more creative then trying to light farts.

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