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Bruce and Valium

Posted by Mummy Dearest on May-28-2010

The Father just gave me one of his Valium tablets, I think it is 5mgs. My goodness, what a whopper. Because of life, in general, I usually wake up at about 4am. I simply want to sleep a whole night through, wake up at about 9, or 10 even.

Tomorrow, anyone else can take over my duties. I only have to find that recipe. And I have to water the plants.

No, I donĀ“t. I do not have to cut the grass either. It will still be there the next day.

Tomorrow, I want to write about Daddy.

Valium is really strong stuff.

And I keep hearing Bruce, downstairs, singing Born In The USA.

No matter what I do or say, The Boy will never believe that Bruce is from Jersey. We have had this conversation so very many times. No, Bruce has to be from Harlem.

My jaw is slack (Valium is really wicked stuff), everyone on this earth knows that Bruce is a Jersey Boy. But my only son will not accept this.

Well, John Boy, suck it up. There is no where else on earth that Bruce could be from. Everyone knows this.

It is like Lennon, he could only be from Liverpool. By the way, despite the dreadful reviews, both really enjoyed Nowhere Boy.

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