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Posted by Mummy Dearest on May-7-2010


Long ago and far away, we needed …something… to block the view over one of the walls in our walled garden. The Father wanted some flavor of pine trees. I like pine trees fine, at Christmas. Otherwise, I loathe them. I do a happy dance every year when that old Christmas tree has died. I want to plant raspberry bushes there.

A few years ago, I ordered 10 ( count them, 10 ) Camila bushes. They were knee high to a grasshopper when I received them.

I have been laughed at for at least 3 years about my camilias. They grow very slowly.

And yet, after this hideous winter, we had hundreds of beautiful blooms on my camilias. We all enjoyed it very much, they bloom first, before everything excepting snowdrops.

I tidied them up today. One is about 1.5 meters tall, then there is that one that Elvis chomped down, but they ponied through the winter. Much to my surprise. They need some acid, they might have cooties ( I cannot begin to translate what they might have), but they are stinkin┬┤beautiful.

Why have some sort of pine tree when you can have Camilias .

  1. Cindy Said,

    Is the picture one of your blooms? It is beautiful. Looks like a peony to me.

  2. Mummy Dearest Said,

    Yes, and they are gorgeous, especially after a long, dull winter. Only about 3 inches across. we had hundreds of them. I cannot remember what they are called, snow something, and they have suffered quite a bit, but nothing that I cannot fix.
    I love them. Even though I cannot spell camellia most of the time.

    I found the place where I bought them, but they no longer carry this sort. So only the skies above know what this plant is called.

  3. eliz Said,

    Sue, that is a gorgeous bloom. A neighbor’s camellias are blooming. I could smell them while walking past their home and thought about your hedge.

  4. Mummy Dearest Said,

    I don’t know that ours smell nice, but they are so pretty. And they all still aspire to be a hedge. But they do inspire me to get back out into the garden. Nothing I can do about that grass, but I can get my babies some acidic plant food and my daisies did not make it through the winter. Half of the lavender did, all of the roses, the peonies, but my Daisies are gone : my Mom’s favorite flower.

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