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Cut Your Nose Off

Posted by Mummy Dearest on May-12-2010

My Father did not send his only Grandson a birthday card. Nope, Daddy is honked off at The Father and I for something that happened in 1989.

We have talked about this. I know exactly why he is annoyed with me. In 1989, he lent us about 10,000 $, to buy our house. I won’t go into the fact that he paid for my brother’s house, flat out, I will not mention that we set up a deal in which we would pay for our vacations together, to cut down the bill.

Nope, not going down that road.

He will not call us. He does not send his only grandchildren birthday cards. I cover this well.

But he has told me, flat out, that until we pay him back ( have I mentioned that he is a very wealthy man ? ) we are on his shit list.

What has The Baby done, what has The Boy done, to get him so pissed off at them .

We shall pay him back. But that means yet another year that we shall not see him.

Here I shall say, once again, choose wisely, grasshopper.

  1. cindy Said,


  2. Mummy Dearest Said,

    Cindy, he is a fool. The Boy and The Baby adore him. But when he comes close to hurting my children, I am no longer Daddy´s little girl. I cover it up, for them, not him. I come from a really small family, my parent´s were both only children, my Mother is dead. I love my brother to pieces, I always have, I always will, but lazy is his first name. My father is taking all of this love and tossing it aside.

    His choice.

    Cindy, he won´t even call me , it costs too much. I try very hard not to call him, everyone says that I should not. But every now and then, I do. At times, love stinks.

  3. Catherine Said,

    I’m sorry Sue

  4. Mummy Dearest Said,

    Catherine, he is simply a fool. He cannot hurt me any longer, he is only hurting himself.

  5. Dorothy Said,

    Hogs/hugs. What a shame. Do the kids care any longer, or are they adjusting?

  6. Mummy Dearest Said,

    Dorothy, the kids really do not care any longer, although the two youngest still love him dearly. I am a very good liar. I suppose that the only one getting pissed off is me. We all had so many good times together, we really did.

    Dorothy, you would love Destin. He has become a big boy. I have worked really hard on keeping his barking down, but, my, today when the garbage truck came by, he was ready to defend the castle. He has been very different since The Father came home. He is still a chump, but he is now the alpha chump. The Father simply says, he is a real Shepard. I spelled that wrong, I know this, but The Father always had them and adores that… attitude that they have, you know, your wish is my command. How that dog loves The Father.

  7. Catherine Said,

    I reached that point with my dad when he was aliv e. It is sad to have to detach.

  8. Dorothy Said,

    Sounds like Destin is doing a great job of fitting in. LOL Love to see some pics when you’re able. I suppose Destin has grown even more. Hope you find a fun camera you like!

  9. Mummy Dearest Said,

    Dorothy, Desty is a mess right now ! He needs a bath and a brushing. He had an ear infection and now his ears are all black ( well, the fur below them). Between The Father being gone and being sick, brushing the dogs has become a vague memory. He does not look like Titan at all. He is very tall, but very slender ( ok, 52 kilos is slender ?). But he is a lovely goof.

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