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Posted by Mummy Dearest on May-1-2010

At 4 am this morning, I started trying to find a good definition of what The Girl has, which makes men of all ages act like idiots when she is around. For a while, I was stuck at, well, she has this *huggable* quality that Monroe had.

The Girl is not a beautiful woman, she will never walk down a catwalk. But perhaps, a catwalk chick is a woman’s idea of beauty, not a man’s. The Girl is terribly cute and very … huggable.

Men of all ages fall for her charms, even at a distance ( that strikes out that fancy word for how you smell which I cannot even begin to spell). Men really do make fools of themselves over her: there is one place in town, where if she enters, the guy stutters so much that no one can understand him. She is not allowed to go there alone any longer. She gets by on her first name, like a celebrity.

We talk a lot. She is very savvy, she knows what is going on. We laugh about it together. We really hardie har away.

But it is a fact, The Girl has * It*. She knows it, I know it, and in a way, it is amusing to watch. Men of all ages ( well, heterosexual men) simply adore her, for more than two reasons, if you know what I mean. I am often amazed when I hear about which men are sidling up to her.

But our savvy pussycat sees through it all, and knows what to do with it. And she does not lead them on or manipulate them. Too much.

How odd, to have a daughter with *it*.

  1. Catherine Said,

    Very glad she knows how to handle It – you did very well, raising such a savvy young lady.

  2. Mummy Dearest Said,

    Oh, Catherine, it is so darn funny talking to her about these men ! We just hoot and laugh away- you are kidding ? Him ? She is chum with a brain.

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