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Mind Games

Posted by Mummy Dearest on May-31-2010

The Girls are really getting on my nerves.

For 3 or 4 months, The Girl has been saying that she will help me secure the Leander. She said it again today.

Notice how nothing has happened. I can go up that ladder, yes, I can. I am going to swear again. I am going to up that big f*cking ladder, with my steel nails and my hammer… and gloves.. of course..

A Leander is one of the most beautiful of roses. It is a climbing rose, I think an Austin, it is peach , it smells like heaven and it blooms forever.

The Constance Spry’s are also Austin’s, they are gorgeous, the smell is heaven. It blooms once a year. I will have to get that big f*cking ladder out again, and move them into place. I had many promises of help on training these roses, but, hey, I am the leader on the road of good intentions.

All that I need to do is go on that BIG ladder, tie things up and then go out of the window in my little room of my own. With a very long broom. This will work.

I am talking about roses. This is actually what I wanted to do today, given a choice.

The Girl is around 17 and a half. Since she was 15, she has been in Mickey mouse schools. I think that she is very clever, but I, of course, am biased.

Today she heard that the school that she wanted to go to no longer has the study that she wants to follow. No, I am not disappointed with you, I am disappointed with the situation. I want her in school 5 days a week.

And The Baby. I am putting her laundry away, it is- for whatever reason- mixed up with The Girl’s. Is this your’s?, I ask. And she yells at me every. single. time. If I knew the answer, I would not ask, would I ?

Why is a 10 year old yelling at me ? Being rude.

She ended up hanging her own laundry and watching a sports show with the guys.

If this continues, I will take away every appliance in her room, excepting her lights.

I am going on that ladder tomorrow…

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