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Sweet Home Alabama

Posted by Mummy Dearest on May-17-2010

Over this last week of *vacation*, The Baby has now and again asked me rather odd questions. The first, if I knew how old one had to be to go to college in America.

Well, I said, about 18, but it depends upon how one has done in school.

These out of the blue questions and statements continued throughout the week.

On Saturday, it was the Day of Judgment : I had to brush her hair out. It took almost two hours. She was so very upset that I attempted to distract her, and then I finally heard what was on her mind.

She wants to go to College / University in Alabama. That child loves Alabama. What does she love most ? The people. They are so friendly, they are so kind. And Alabama is so beautiful.

I mostly listened ( she was very upset about the whole hair brushing business), and now and again would bring up some of the wonderful times that we have had in Alabama. Smith Lake is near the top, and feeding catfish there with baby bottles filled with a mush of saltines and water.

So, The Girl wants to be from The Big Apple ( in fact, she has told certain people that she was born there), The Boy tells everyone That he is American and Baby wants to be in Alabama.

I do not know if I have done things correctly or incorrectly, for my objective was for all three to know that they were Dutch, not mongrels. Not meaning any offense to Americans ( hey, I could only be an American), but I have met enough dual passport people to know that this can cause problems.

Oh. Stinkin. Well.

  1. eliz Said,

    And if they lived here, they would tell people they were Dutch. My youngest likes to tell people he is Irish. He doesn’t care that his ancestors immigrated from Ireland in 1725, 1752 and in the early 1800s. Nope, he is Irish. And here I thought I was raising an American.

  2. Brian Said,

    And have you explained to her about Montgomery and George Wallace and Bull Connor and the two morons running for governor right now trying to out-racist one another with their TV ads? People might seem nice in Alabama to the casual observer, but you don’t have to scratch very hard to get below that surface and right back to 1957.

  3. Mummy Dearest Said,

    Brian, she was born in late 1999. She has spent about 5 summers in Jasper, Alabama. She has not been a casual observer. She has been there, as a child. Needless to say, my skin cringed when she said that she wanted to be from Alabama, but these were my own prejudices speaking, coming from MA.

    I as well have not been a casual observer. I spent those summers in a small town in Alabama as well. I am not talking politics, I am talking about how we were treated, by both blacks and whites in Jasper, Alabama. I remember The Boy coming out of a Walmart ( shoot me) with a new game, and a youngish black man came up to him and asked him about his new game. The Boy could not understand him. I explained to the man that The Boy was Dutch and sometimes could not follow English well. They got along fine, I don’t know if they High fived or something more recent, but it was good.

    And when my excessively cantankerous Polish Grandmother was brought from that hell hole in Detroit down to Jasper, the Black community made her life a pleasant place to be.

    Perhaps Jasper is an anomaly, but Alabama is not what one reads in the papers. Seriously. I kid you not. No matter what the politicians do or say, no matter what the history, Alabama is a beautiful place, filled with kind and friendly people. They do not build good fences to make good neighbors.

  4. Karan Said,

    Oh I dunno…didn’t the military send George W to Georgia to protect its borders from the Alabamans?

  5. Mummy Dearest Said,

    Karan, that is really funny, you flip Diva you !

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