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Mourning Doves

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Jun-28-2010

Today at lunch, The Baby and I finally saw The Mourning Dove chicks.

The Boy had told me that he had seen them on Saturday, but I shall forever be The Doubting Thomas.

There are 3 or 4 of them. They are quite large, 4, 5 inches.

I had read that Mourning Doves will abandon a nest at any threat, so I have not worked on a large part of my Sprys since that nest appeared.

My climbing roses are a mess, but we have Baby Mourning Doves !

They are beautiful to watch.

Guess you have to like birds…

  1. Mary Said,

    Since we moved almost 3 years ago, I have been working on turning our yard into a birds paradise! Bird houses and feeders everywhere! We have at least a couple that they are nesting in. There is no better pleasure than sitting out on our deck at dusk and watching the birds having their dinner and preparing for their night!

  2. Mummy Dearest Said,

    Mary, I am actually a bit afraid of birds and most of them are very, very stupid. But I love the sounds of birds, especially Black Birds. And I love watching them. We only feed them in the winter, but with dog food dribbling about, this works. They also use dog hair to build their nests. They are at the right place.

    I love watching chickadees ( wonder why) and my favorite bird is the Jackdow.

    I have always enjoyed watching birds. I used to do it with my mother.

    This is considered yet another of my eccentricities.

  3. Mary Said,

    Well, if watching birds is considered eccentric then I’m all for being that! I never really paid much attention to them until we move to “the country” and I decided to throw out a couple houses and feeders. I was so naive to the whole thing that I was actually surprised that the birds REALLY DO live in the houses! LOL!

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