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At Last II

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Jul-28-2010

At last, it * seems* that all of our computers are straightened out ( read : I won’t have to share my computer with three other people. No, I do not play the wrestling game, nor do I play Facebook games, no matter what it looks like, although if you play Facebook games, The Girl and Harry, an old family friend are crazy about them, let me know).

A lot has happened since I was last able to write. Yesterday, The Girl may have broken up with The Boyfriend, although I do not think that she is ready for this. Usually a very polite and pleasant young man, lately he has not been that polite nor that pleasant, but- most importantly- he is not treating our first born in the manner that her very biased parents think that she should be treated, as a princess.

On Monday, The Girl and The Father announced that *we* would be preparing the dinner for Opa’s birthday today ( Wednesday). Let’s be real for a moment, *we* is *me*. I rather Henny Pennyed out, as no one could tell me how many people would be coming for dinner, somewhere between 8 and 10. I called Opa, got the lowdown, and spent yesterday dicing and slicing and shopping. It’ll work, otherwise, next time my sister-in-law ( the gourmet cook) can do this.

But the tensest day of my forced silence was about a week or so ago. It was very questionable whether or not The Boy would pass this year. He took his finals. And then he was told that if he did not get a phone call on, like, Wednesday, by 8pm, he had passed.

He could not eat dinner that day, he so so nervous. He finally went up and played on his PS3. I was to call him if the phone rang.

I was watching one of those house shows that I like so much, half way listening for the Bakelite to ring ( ring, ring, not buzz, buzz) when I heard the bells from City Hall ringing for 8pm. I checked the news channel, and sure enough, it was 8pm. I ran up to The Boy’s room, calling, Boy ! Boy! He opened his bedroom door with a strained look on his face. Boy ! You did it ! You passed !

He thought that I had come to say that the phone was ring- ringing away. We hugged, we danced, it was wonderful. The Boy passed.

A few days later, he came to me. You know, he said, I really had a good report card. And he did. So involved with whether or not he would pass, we actually did not look at his grades, beyond them being passing. He had a really good report card. Oh, not straight A’s, but a strong B, B+ average. For a kid whom everyone said last January, whoops, we are going to have to repeat this year, he really did stinkin’ well.

It is good to be back.

  1. Mary Said,

    I’m so glad to hear that things are FINALLY going so well for all of you!!!!! Woot!

  2. Catherine Said,

    Bravo! Does that mean that The Boy can come to London?

  3. Mummy Dearest Said,

    Yes ! I brought it up with him, as I think he and Callum would still get along wonderfully, but at this point, he is hesitant. He might be roughing it with a small group of his friends and does not know if he will be able to … break away…

    I think that the trip starts Oct. 8, and having just realized that he actually will be going, we have to examine this more closely. Neither of us knows how long he will be gone ! We watch BBC 1 to brush up on his… English.

    Needless to say, he will not leave home without your number and we will have about 200 questions to ask you !

  4. Catherine Said,

    No worries, I understand. It’d be great to see him, but I know how difficult it can be to add things on to trips like that. He’ll just have to come again!

    It turns out that Callum is also going on a school trip, and will be away from 4-8 Oct.

  5. Dorothy Said,

    Congrats to the Boy!!! Great news! Congrats about production too!!! Woooo! Hope you & the pups also are doing well. Hugs to the Girl, and we hope she’s ok.

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