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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Jan-11-2011

When she- whose name shall never be mentioned in this house again- ripped my only son’s heart out and mashed into the stony mouth of the pagan goddess of her withered soul, a plethora of youngsters rushed up to soothe his wounds.

Yup, Karan is correct, he shall never love anyone like he loved her : his cherry has been popped. I simply loathe having had to witness his descent into a degree of cynicism. That first love, my goodness, to witness that was a gift in itself.

The Boy has always been fey, and he also has quite a good dose of character. Perhaps all of those years that he spent being the outcast of his primary school gave him a strong sense of following his own drummer, of being deaf to the hoard, for, after all, the hoard rejected him en masse.

He has always been attracted to girls for rather odd reasons : the first one, because she had big teeth. Get the idea, need I go on ?

When he could barely raise his chin above the level of the floor, a fellow student wrote to him. He loves her laugh: he told me that she laughs like a wicked garden gnome. On Wednesdays, The Boy goes to The Girl’s school for special intro classes , let’s be a primary school teacher. Yup, that is what The Boy- at this moment- wants to be. She is in this class with him.

The Day After, she invited him to go with her to the winter Efteling. This was a no go, he cannot skate. Eventually, she and he went to the movies together.

He had a wonderful time with her. He laughed and laughed and his face was simply exploding with joy when he came home. They ended up going skating together ( neither knew how to skate and had a whale of a time), he spent all of Sunday in her home town.

Her hometown. This is an inside joke : she is from Masskantje ( check out the link at the bottom for English explanation ). Would I make this up ?

Now he is getting shit from his dear friends, for his new girlfriend is neither pretty nor sexy. But he loves her dearly, he has simply the best times with her. This is my boy.

She is coming to dinner on Saturday. We are having burritos and The Boy wants me to make cannoli again. Now, our filling was great ( thanks, Jo), but the shells sucked ( internet bought) and I am working on buying tubes and maybe a pasta ( cheap) machine, teach myself to make the *real* thing.

Eh, sh*t, what does someone from Maaskantje know ? ( I really do not mean that …)

  1. Karan Said,

    I get confused with The Girl tag…but finally I figured out this is a NEW Girl! Good for him for moving on! Girls recognize a sensitive guy and they will beat a path to his door now that he is seen with romantic eyes. YAY!

  2. Amelia Said,

    What great news! Is Maaskantje the wrong side of town? Or, like being from Scranton, PA?

  3. jo Said,

    Dare I say it…That BITCH. Seriously. The young have no idea how their idle detachments to relationships can ruin someone so badly. On a brighter note, he has you, you who understand to walk him through the mine field.

    I have the shell recipe when you get the tubes. Just let me know.

  4. jo Said,

    Of course you know I meant the other one…she who slinked off to Disney.

  5. Mummy Dearest Said,

    Maaskantje, as far as I can relate to it, seems to be a perfectly nice village in Brabant which is now notorious because this idiot series and film takes place there. The guys in it can best be described as your worst nightmare about trailer trash, moved to The Netherlands.

  6. Mummy Dearest Said,

    hi jo,
    first, of course, how is your heart ? Poor puppy.
    The Boy loves that cannoli cream recipe you gave us. We do have to do something about the shells though, they were quite nasty. I went into the Big City today, bought some sweet Marsala. But no way I am going to try shells tomorrow : what does she know ? Of course, I would love your recipe. How about the shell recipe ?

    I went to this snooty kitchen store today. How snooty, the rather fey man knew what I meant when I asked if they had forms for cannoli. No, they did not. Do you know that it is cheaper for me to buy them from The States then from Italy ? (ebay).

    It is so strange, we all love that cream mixture, but I suppose- not surprisingly- we are all purists, and all of that chocolate and pistachios would have ruined it for us-

    Ah, Tony is gone. Another chapter in life closed.

  7. idiot Said,

    She’s from Maaskantje, okay that cracked me up. Found out my Mom fell yesterday and is in the hospital (however many thousands of miles away, doesn’t matter). Been staring at email waiting for news for hours. So thanks for the laugh. I would think it’s a popular place right now.

    Your trashcan logistics in an adjacent post reminded me of pushing an extension ladder, a real one, across the big city strapped to my bike. Got a few stares, some nervous, some smiling.

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