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The Times, They Are A….

Posted by Mummy Dearest on Jan-24-2011

This looks like a very neato place.  In fact, I have BTDT. I simply have to get about 2,000 pages of glossy photo paper- not to mention more ink- but, what the hey, there are always DVDs. Of course, anyone who has fussed about with DVDs knows that after a time, whatever version you are using becomes yesterday’s news. I suppose that that is true of PDFs as well. It seems that in the end, nothing beats paper. But this is a really good link.

Oddly enough- well, that is not true at all- something Bucky said to me , once,  came to mind, yesterday. When Humph, our first dog, died so suddenly, I was talking to her on the phone. I said to her, you know that I do not believe in an afterlife, but tell me that Humph has simply gone to a better place.

Would I lie about something like this ?

She might have blurbled something comforting, although that seems a bit out of character, but I am so wickedly biased about Bucky, I am not proud, I admit it. But I do know this : she advised me not to get another dog, for I would simply love it to bits and one day, it too would be gone.

This is true, any simpleton knows that this is true.

And yet, what no one ever tells you- really, it is right up there with what is natural childbirth like ?- or perhaps you never hear it, or really understand the meaning of it, the feeling of it, but one day the cherubs will be gone. Adolescence sortof helps- that growing apart is a bit of a two way street, they loathe you and you attempt to not sound like Olivia Soprano. Rule 1, do not attempt the guilt route, after all, it is all your fault when push comes to shove.

As an aside, I also tend to wonder why if the offspring have not reached perfection, it is always the Mother’s fault, and yet, if there are sterling qualities, they must most assuredly come from the Father. Somehow, this logic does not work for me. I have no idea why, I am sure that age has whithered my IQ.

I have to find a new avatar for this site, or simply go back to paper. My days of being Mummy Dearest are over and that is all that there is to it.

And yet, the good times have – partially- been preserved here.

And that , after all, was the whole point of this.

Go check out Jo. This is great.

  1. jo Said,

    Thanks Sue. I’m pretty excited about the opportunity. I know I owe you the shell recipe to. Crazy week, but I’ll try to get it typed in by the weekend. Feel free to bug me in case I forget!

  2. Mummy Dearest Said,

    Oh, Jo, everyone here is so very excited for you. If you really think about this, it is very odd. But everyone knows who Ms. Jo is and that is all that there is to it.

    Today there was an article in the local paper : Blogs are passe. Well, who does not know that ? I am sure that there is no connection, but I sometimes ponder the rise of slow cooking, as it is called, and micro communication.

    Then again, I have seriously thought about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. And have realized that I have been heavily influenced by *Occam’s razor*. Never knew that.

    I am a dinosaur in every way. But that link that I put up is a really good way to save things. I have to say that I would love a copy of Amuse ( oh gosh, shoot me, it’s French…) Bouche ? I am always flipping through it, in my Jack Sprat way.

    I know who The Stig is. Well, I do now, since he came out of the..closet, white helmet ?

    And Jo, really, how often can one eat cannolis ? Why can’t I spell that ? *Cannonballs* is the best that Spellcheck will do. I got the tubes yesterday and a cheapo pasta maker. But I am just going to keep my mouth shut until it all comes up again, for the thought of deep frying in some odd oil ( forget lard or pork fat, not to be found, right up there with Crisco. What, in fact, is Crisco ?). The sweet Marsala sounds good.

    Good for you, kiddo. Imagine, I knew you when…

  3. eliz Said,

    I was excited to actually “see” Jo rather than just read Jo. lol And Sue, you are right. It is amazing how many people know who Ms Jo is.

    Crisco is made of soybean oil. Congealed soybean oil is the best way to describe it.

  4. jo Said,

    They have been saying that blogs are passe for years. I really don’t care about what ‘they’ say. Who wants tumbler or whatever new flavor is out there? The only reason I don’t write much anymore is time. So very little time. So very many distractions. I have this spreadsheet I keep of the recipes we have in rotation. It’s a little reminder to me to not forget to shake things up occasionally. It runs at about 110 recipes right now. I really feel like I haven’t made anything new in ages. Just cooking up the same old stuff when I get home at 7:30 having it ready when he gets home around 8:00. I really do need to break out of the box a bit.
    However the banana bread loaded with cognac soaked raisins is in the oven – using up the extra bananas they sent to work this week. The Osso Bucco is in the other oven. I like to braise and then let it sit the rest of the day before heating it up for dinner. Tastes so much better. Their will be risotto and a bit of that parsley/garlic/lemon gremolata for on top. The laundry is laundering and I have some spare time to check in.
    I’m sure Mr. Soprano will mention the cannoli again. You must be able to find some sort of shortening over there. What do they use to make cookies and cakes? Then again, I suppose regular old canola oil is just fine. That is what we used in culinary school. I haven’t made the tubes since then. I live in such an Italian area that finding the shells is too easy.
    And thank you. I really can’t believe I have made it to hear from being laid off 7 years ago. It even amazes me.

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