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Posted by Mummy Dearest on Feb-25-2011

When I was about 11 or12, we lived in Frankfurt- this I know for sure- and I took this Iowa skills test, I also earned little badges for being healthy and athletic. I kid you not.

I blew the charts off on this Iowa business. I was really scared about this. Both of my parents were called in, and I could not have been there. And yet, I can see it so clearly. It was the gym. Now a days, I suppose that my parents were told that I was * gifted*.

My parents did everything  for this oddity that had befallen them. We moved to MA because the best schools are there. They did this, just for me.

They went deeply into debt. Just for me.

This is a horrible thing to say, but in the end, being smart is a curse. I cannot keep my brain straight- I see everyone’s point of view. Everyone is right. I am lost in the nuances¬† of grey.

  1. Dorothy Said,

    Our school does the Iowa tests each year. We do need intelligent people, so grey vision is more than fine.

  2. Mummy Dearest Said,

    Dorothy, I have been sick. I actually went to a Doctor today. I have lots of a flavor penicillin and Ventolin now. Me being sick has been driving the Pyr nuts, Destin. He is licking me non- stop and looking very concerned.

    This is spooky, although I put it down to me sounding like Donald Duck.

  3. Dorothy Said,

    Awwww. Get well soon. Sick is no fun.

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